Trees falling around you like a tremor of destruction


The ground quaking as an unruly fit thrust upon the world by the gods


The air putrid and hot burning your lungs with every breath you take


The sky dark and clouded over by the reflection of the blood filled seas


The stench of the dead around you while you walk in a cavity of corpses


Birds falling from the sky in distortion as their innards burn with the intense pollution from the air boiling their blood


Screams from the surviving young as they plea for their deceased parents to wake


Hope crumbling under foot with every step you take as this train wreck continues to degenerate all enduring


Skins crawling with hungry insects in search of a gourmet meal as they leave you pealing and bleeding from the inside to only find more blistering hatchlings emerge to the surface


Suffering to longer on for just a little bit longer in the retched hell we created for ourselves


Strength draining with every thought you think as the heat intensifies in humidity


Bodies exhausted from this ongoing escapade with the fury of pain to pull you back and forth to and from reality


To imagine what all once was where smiles were common and fresh air was existent


A place where the struggle was not to survive but only cope with all surrounding you


A place where water was not tainted with boiling flesh and blood of the dead


Where the soil was fertile and alive rather then ash and bone


Now here’s the reason why we somehow insist on ruining the haven we currency live in


Slowly destroying our future


We have truly come so far in means of modern technology and advancement


We have become Evolved only to decline our place in the world with our modern marvels


Creating means of chaos and destruction here we sit on top of the world we’ve created


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