I was watching True Life: I have Autism (I like this show there\'s a I Have Anxiety/ I panic too I\'m watching now) and these two guys truley inspired me. I wanted to share it.

One wants to be a comedian, one an artist and the other just wanted a birthday party and his friends to show up. They went through so many struggles to make these things happen. I was really inspired by a 19 year old boy who turned his autism into something positive. One of his jokes was "I have autism….well, at least that\'s what my parents say…" he let nothing bring him down even though he went through so much to get there.


Another boy, around 19, had an art show. He has "anger tantrums" he can\'t control. The closer he came to his art show, the worst they got. He went to his neurologist and had a severe tantrum and got so frustrated beyond belief. He was terrified he would have an attack at the show. The day of the show, he saw people coming and was so excited he hugged them (even strangers) for the longest time. He said it was the best day ever and he didn\'t have one attack the whole time.


I had a horrible day today. All stress and anxiety. Nothing could make me smile but watching these guys made me really smile.

What I learned: don\'t think so much or try too hard. I tend to be a negative thinker at times. I need to face my fears more and leave it in God\'s hands. Just go with it because the outcome could be great. I guess what counts is that we try.

If you\'d like to check it out here\'s the link: http://www.mtv.com/shows/truelife/episode.jhtml?episodeID=115351

The panic episode is also on the site. I like how they show a full panic attack (even though is awful) because it educates people who don\'t usually see this or understand it. It\'s also motivating to see people overcome these things.

I\'m also inspired by war veterens (especially right now). Every man on my dad\'s side is one except for my half brother. I live near two bases so I\'m around a few. Also a lot of heartbreak so I love talking to them or saying hi when I bump into them. Now, I\'m keeping pictures on my wall of some of my "earth heroes" to help motivate me when it gets darkest.

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  1. Brezzia 11 years ago

    I saw this this episode on autism, and also the \”I Have Anxiety/Panic\” one as well. Agreed for sure, both were amazing to watch and help put things in perspective. What you learned, to just go with the flow more, and think less, is an excellent philosophy that I preach myself too. As for veterans, they deserve so much more, but get so little in return for their duties. They deserve nothing less than our dearest respect. They too are a source of inspiration for me to look to, specifically when the going gets tough.
    I hope your day is getting better…just remember to smile once in a while 🙂

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