I rent a townhouse style condo and my neighbor here owns their property. We've been living here since Dec and we are the type that tend to keep to our selves stay quite and don't really judge. After all we moved her from a crack whore apartment building that got raided every other day. so it was a good move for us. a nice family neighborhood near a school and all that. a bed room for everyone and a big front and back yard for the kids. it would be great so we thought… Since we have moved in this woman next door has been a first grade B***h in every sense of the word. We parked out front for a total of five minutes one day to unload the groceries and she called the condo association who called our landlord complain we were illegally parked. I parked too close over the stall line and into her parking stall and she threatened to have me towed (They don't even own a car!! at this point in time there was three feet of snow piled high in their stall). My daughter accidentally hit a ball over the back yard fence and into their yard and she got mad. and yesterday well I was taking the kids to school they cut across the crass came too close to the property line and she came flying out of her house to scream at me about just exactly where the property line was. It was like look woman what the hell is your problem. Mean while neither me nor my BF or my kids have every said two words to this woman for her to hate us and we don't party and we're quite I don't know what her issue is. To top it off her little brat is always banging and screaming all day long waking my baby going out into the yard shrieking. the smoke so much pot the smell fill our house and it just stinks so much. They have loud parties in the back yard out side our bedroom window with loud people and music till 3 in the morning. And she had the gull to come and complain at us for doing nothing. I just want to knock her teeth out. I'm tempted to take Killex to her bloodly lawn at four in the morning and send her a message. Any advice on dealing with bad neighbors?

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  1. HananaH 13 years ago

    OMG   A  true nightmare , I delt with those SAME kind of neighbors in my ex apartment … some people really  are jsut UGH  , I feel for you I really do.

    If I were you  I would call the condo association ,and  try to explain the situation to them  in a calm , practical way, and this way , atleast if there is not a whole lot they can/will do  because the people  "own"  their  property  , they will know when this lady calls with these wild  complaints that  it's not YOU …. chances are  , sounds like to me anyways  that  she  obviously complaines ALOT and thinks the entire world should revolve around her,  she probably  calls them on a regular basis  and they already are sick of her now … they probably are like  " yeh yeh ok we understand bye" ..they don't want to deal with her either which means you might get shafted in that respect. The  other thing I would do .. is  a few things

    1. when this pot smoke  is pouring into your house ….and everywhere else in the air .. call the police and report them , it is your right ..and you have children in your home .and so do they !! they are smoking  pot in thier home around thier   children , that  in my opinion would also warrant  for calling child services … who knows what else thier kids are being subjected to???

    2. when they are  playing thier loud music  and partying at 3 am  call the cops!   once again , you have children in your home trying to sleep …. it's not right …. doesn't matter that they own anything ..there is STILL a  noise ordinance  and  disturbing the peace.

    3. I was going to suggest  having a  adult to adult …neighbor to neighbor chat with her .. but it sounds like that would jsut be a complete waste of time.

    All I can think of is put up with her or move  ( easier said than done I know) ..Just make sure in the mean time you are protecting your own rights, she doesn't own the world. Keep  being the mature one  and make sure to  report her  when she does these things!  Don't feel like you are wrong or  being snippity back like her , your not .. these are legit complaints that any normal half decent person would understand could be problomatic …especially when children are involved… they need to be thought of  and protected and you are thier voice.

    I'm sorry you have to deal with  that crap, I was there once .. it is complete hell :(…x

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