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I’m still spritually conflicted – My neighbor told me the other day that he couldnt start his car and he said " God, please help me" – and his car started. When he told me, I said ‘wow dude’- but I think he’s full of it. I continue to ask him, ‘who, or what are you praying to? ‘, and each time I am greeted with the same answer. God.

What’s God? What does God mean? Who are you envisioning your prayers being heard by? The image of the deity that many of us have grown up with and taught to believe in?

Jesus dies for our sins. What about everyone who lived before he was born?
Are they included, and if so, why?
The ‘bible’ was written by people. I am not claiming to be an expert on the bible, in fact, i have not read it.  But it was written by people. PEOPLE!  Basically, a publishing company!

I do believe that we are part of something greater than we cannot comprehend now.

But, how can people put a face on this ‘something greater’?

…and assemble in a building, on a certain day of the week, listening to a PERSON tell you about how great Jesus is?

He’s reading from a book written by other people.

Wearing decorative robes, ringing bells, lighting candles, and playing ethereal music from expensive organs purchased from the donations of parishioners. what does this ‘stuff’ have to do with anything?

I receive forwards from friends saying that god is watching over us. 


I am asking the tribe for some opinions here.  I also have an atheist friend who is really irritating and preachy when it comes to religion, and loves to poke holes in christianity.

That’s not what im about.

But, what makes this book written by people have so much power and control?

thx tribe,





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