If complexion of all woman could be as fair as thee,

and all smiles could shine with such fulfilling glee,

with a touch of loveliness this world could see,

how truly beautiful you are to me.

And what if all could look so perfect in their bare skin,

that all would exude beauty so closely to be akin

may it be that their passion not turn to sin,

before they realize your touch has made their life begin.

Could all that we see be nothing until we find,

another being that removes the covers that make us blind,

sincerity stemming from woman, a love I want to have be my bind,

and with you, nothing in this world can ever seem just as kind.

Slowly may the night be, and I'm fine with the wait,

whether the distance be inches or divided by a state,

within a crowd all shall stop and form thoughts that be irate,

contemplating the reason of why such beauty exists in a world filled with hate.

O, your skin, O your skin, may it be smooth and may it have my caress,

for my warmth can be your warmth in sinister time of melancholy duress,

may my warmth soothe thee, when you see nothing more than a hot mess,

for I've never seen beauty that I am more willing to profess.

For you soothe my thoughts, you make them fight with glee,

for they shall not matter because I know what will be will be,

the worst pain is the everlasting fear of bitter brevity,

that I may lose the one that surpasses beauty of Persephone.

May your heart beat within your breast, your womanly breast,

with such rhythm that I can tell time by your very behest,

for hitherto you have proven nothing but elegance to thee,

and may your beauty that I express be all that you ever see.


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