No I’m not talking about a 3 y.o. Mind you I sometimes have the IQ of one.

Today I finally got my new laptop. I have had it on layby for a while now, and I was so excited to get it home. It cost 1500 so Its a pretty good one. When I got home, I started getting my programs installed, like the kodak photo viewer and things like that. I go to set up my internet connection and thats where things go wrong. I’m currently using a dial-up connection until I could get a wireless broadband connection. Stupid stupid me didn’t realise that all new laptops might NOT have an internal modem. Including the new one that I brought. GREAT!! so now I have a brand new laptop that I can’t even use to connect to the internet with. I’m soo fucking pissed off!! I can’t believe it. Of course mum was all like "we’ll just call Clive Peeters and ask them if its meant to have a internal modem" ?? wtf! Ms genius then goes on to say "well maybe they took out the modem by mistake". OMFG! Get a clue!! I’m not that computer savy, but I know these things can’t be taken out "by mistake". She got me soo angry that I started yelling at her, and dropped the new laptop on the ground, and stormed out of the lounge room. Luckily the laptop is still working fine. I have been looking at some pre paid wireless broadband deals, and I should have the new laptop connected to the net next fourtnight. My other option is to purchase an external modem, but why bother with something like that.

I can’t belive how dumb I am. Really?! like WTF?! Why didn’t I think to ask if it has an internal modem before I brought the stupid fucking thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Later on we were watching the movie "Marley and Me". Great movie. Made me almost cry. I make sure that I don’t cry infront of anyone. I felt that tightening in the throat and all that.

And just top it off, my knees and ankles have been so sore today. Not just my bad side either. I have been trying to get some anti-inflamatory gel into them, but it hasn’t done much at all. I have had a few Nurofen to try and stop the pain. Not much luck there either. Next stop something alot stronger.

All in all, a horrible day.


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