So I fell on hard times back in June and lost my Internet. It''s been a while since I''ve checked in here. But finally I got back. So happy days things are starting to look up. the bills are getting caught up enough to reconnect them. The rent had not only been paid on time enough times to avoid those nasty eviction notices but we might actually have the chance to move up into a nicer house.

As well as all that has been going I can''t say it''s all been good news since I was last here. My political representative in all their wisdom had decided that in our financial strain of barely making ends meet that my family made too much money to qualify for health coverage any more. They cancelled my coverage. I have appealed but heard noting back so far. I 30days worth of meds and no way to refill them once they run out. So there is some stress hanging over our heads as too what will happen in the next month.

On top of that My deadbeat ex hadn''t bothered to see our kids in 4 1/2 months and when he finally does pick them up I get a phone call from my eight year old say I have to come get them because their father is in jail. First time he takes them in almost five months and he gets arrested for domestic abuse, child abuse, and rape. Child protective services come in the middle of the night after they watch their father beat their brother (12 months old) and this girl and try to take my kids away. Then when he gets out of jail four days later he has the nerve to call me at night like nothing happened and act surprised when I tell him I know what he did and not to come around me or the kids ever again.  I mean honestly, how id he think he was going to hide that from me?

So I have filed for Sole custody and to terminate his access to the children. I had asked the judge to end my divorce without further participation from him. When I tried to serve him i found out that the address he gave me was a lie, as was his work info. He''s been bragging all over town about how he''s managed to stay under the radar just enough so he could screw me over for child support. He''s so proud of himself.

What he doesn''t realize is that our oldest daughter, his own parents, sibling and people he use to call friends all think he''s an ass#@**. At first I wanted the money, but hell if money is all that he cares about then fine. he can keep his stupid money. I''ll take my sole custody. Then I''ll take me and the kids and we''ll pack up and move across country to where we have all wanted to live but couldn''t because of him. We didn''t want him around anyway.


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