The past couple of weeks have been bad enough, my daughter leaving for 8 weeks and being so lonely. Last night my best friend (also my ex boyfriend) tells me he is a getting a new phone, one which I cant text him anything I dont want someone else to see which is pretty much everything I text him. I trust him more than anyone and tell him everything. He was my safety net, my comfort while my daughter is away and now a big piece of that is gone. And with his GF being able to call him seeing him will be deminished as well. That was a big enough blow.

Now tonight my stepdaughter calls to inform me that her dad, my soon to be ex husband is engaged. The man who physically abused me when we first got married and then continued mentally abusing me until about 6 months ago (fir about 7 years) is now engaged to be married again while I sit alone and have no one to be with.

I know I am not perfect, I made mistakes but how does it work that I get treated like shit for years by this man and he is the one who gets happy ever after and I get nothing. I get left by the man I love more than anything (my best friend not this guy) and the guy who told me I was a worthless lazy bitch daily because I was tired after work gets a fiance. I cant pay my bills on time and the guy who sat on the couch for a year after he quit his job watching Maury calling me at work to accuse me of cheating has money to get a new car and buy a house.

What happened to Karma, what happened to getting what you give. I have gave everything and I have gotten hurt over and over and over. I am about done trying, I dont see the point anymore


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