I am new to AnxietyTribe, and never had anxiety problems before August 1.

I went off my antidresspant trying to get pregnant back in Feb, but had an episode of anxiety on Aug 1 that lasted for weeks while I was getting back on Prozac which I got a .25mg Xanax prescription for.

I literally had to yell at myself to get out of bed every morning. I was worried my boss didn\'t like me or my work performance, and my daughter was starting kindergarten. I was able to qualify for FMLA so my job is safe, but using time off makes me anxious, which defeats the purpose.

It took 4 weeks, and 21 lbs lost, but I felt normal and had 2 great weeks (gained some weight back). Then my hubby left for a 4 day golf trip. I did really good the first 2 and a half days. I had to leave work early on Friday because I felt like I was going to scream or crawl out of my skin. I tried to nap on my new sleep number bed, but I just laid there for over 2 hours and didn\'t sleep. I had a rough saturday knowing he was coming home that day.

I thought with him home, I would be fine. But I am having stomach aches, I don\'t want to eat, and I almost didn\'t go to work today. I have taken breaks towalk outside, sit in the grass, talk to hubby on the phone, and I am a little better (functional at least).

I can\'t fall asleep without meds, and when I do, I cannot sleep longer than a few hours then I lie there tired but cannot fall back to sleep.

I am seeing a social worker/therapist, but he seems \'awkward\' so I am looking into seeing a physciatrist,but my insurance doesn\'t cover mental health treatment, so add that to my list of worries.

Anyway, sorry for rambling, thats my situation as I see it.

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  1. WorryWort95 10 years ago

    Welcome to the tribe!!!! I hope this website works for u! I kno it has helped me! if ur therapist seems awkward try see if u can get a different one.. Write down at night ur worries before you go to be so that its on paper and not so much in ur head. and when u go see ur therapist make a list of things u need to talk about so that u dont forget what u need to talk about! it helps alot!! Good Luck!!

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