I could sing, but I don’t want to sing. I could scream, but I don’t want to scream. I seem to sit here with this blank look on my face while everyone around disintegrates. I could never belong with the people who build themselves to fail. Who see their lives as 70 years breathing, tops, with no concern for what comes next in the daily evolution of catastrophe. Hello? Is anybody home? No, guess there’s another distraction going on. If I want to live 200 years, would most people worry that they’d lose their friends along the way? I don’t have any friends to lose. I can’t see any way around me being absolutely alone. People see a pretty face, and they’re interested enough to try, but when they speak to me, they’re sleeping; my brain in dreamland runs circles around these slept, the ‘woke’, and the in-between.
Yeah, there’s something wrong with me, but I’m glad it’s not what’s wrong with you.

A month ago, I was 27… 28 feels different. Or maybe it’s the smaller apartment.

Maybe it’s easier to concede defeat. Relationships just don’t stick with me. I don’t fit into the mold.
Pretty girl.
Big brain.
Does not compute.

But she’s getting older.
Looks aren’t everything… looks were hardly anything, but I guess that’s what holds attention.
That’s what gives a lasting impression.

Living to 200 is going to suck, but for the sake of these kids that continue to endure the bruises of public education without any CPS rep… They’ve gotta know it can be done. It can be done.

Humans need air, water, food and productive rest. I can’t express how long the quality of all four of these essential “elements” has been on a steady decline.
The air is being siphoned away. The water is polluted. The food is ultra-processed. And maintaining “sleep hygiene” with the demands corporations put on their employees…

It’s all according to plan.

They don’t want us to live longer.
All this education degrades over time, and we’re not taught to seek answers for ourselves.
We have to get them from the television… we have to trust, and be told, because it’s too much effort and work and stress and time that we don’t have because of those needy jobs for us to do our best to research the truth…

It’s so perfectly unintentional, but no one with anything to gain from degradation of education is ever going to intervene.

They like it this way.
Mold like paper, fold like putty.
I mean, fold like paper, mold like putty;

Are you still sleeping?


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