Well I made it thru last night and had a nice time.  My sister and I got to spend some quality time together talking all night. 

We went to the concert first and saw BB King play his magic guitar and talk about his travels.  I had no idea he is 84 yrs old and still traveling and playing his heart out, it was great.  We then had reservations at the steak house there and I had lobster and prime rib…my sister had comp points so the dinners were free and if she hadn't had that my plate alone was $50.00!!!  A pack of cigarettes there was $9.50 that's enough to make you quit smoking.  Then after all that they had the fireworks but I couldn't stay for that there was standing room only outside and I just couldn't get into that crowd so my sister wheeled me into the slot machines instead.  I lost but she won so we  had a good time!

When I got home last night my bubble burst when I found out my daughters had gotten this girl they use for babysitting to watch Landon which is fine he's 4yrs old and can pretty much do for himself but they left the baby with her too, he's 6 months….that bothered me and I'll tell you why…..she had him on the couch changing his diaper when I came in so I went back to my room to change clothes and I was standing in the hallway looking in on Landon and I hear a thump and then the baby screams like when they are hurt, I ran in there but she beat me to him and had picked him up so I asked her did he fall off the couch, she said no he was in his chair and she just left him to go check on Landon, I said no you didn't I was standing in the hallway in front of Landons room so what happened, she said he just started to cry cause she left him to go fix a bottle for him…ok now which is it?  you were checking on Landon or in the kitchen….I KNOW the baby fell off the couch he's too mobile to stay up there on his own and I heard that thump so I know what happened and I hope they never get her to babysit him again!!!  I was so mad I couldn't go to bed so I waited until my daughter came to pick him up, I didn't tell her she would have freaked but when I see her tomorrow I will tell her what happened….

So that was my night was good until I got home but all in all I made it thru without a panic attack thanks to my sister wheeling me around.  We got to spend some quality time with each other and that was great and a good start to a better relationship….

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