In a field of gorgeous flowers, a flower is pollinated. A seed is released, and carried away through the wind, where it settles on the soft soil in an empty, lifeless patch, at the end of the field.

At this time, the seed is bare and tiny. As it's buried into the earth, rain [and morning dew] quench the little grain. It [the seed] absorbs nutrients from the ground, and sprouts out of the ground.

In the patch, days pass, and the seedling absorbs sunlight, water, nutrients. The plant needs this attention [sun, water, oxygen, etc] early on, to bloom later.

With the stem helping, by giving support, the plant grows bigger, stronger. Without support, as well, this flower would be unable to bloom.

Its roots grab onto nutrients through the dirt, its leaves flaunt out, grabbing onto the sunlight. The stomata grabs the air.

Soon, a bud appears. Though the bud is only the first hint of beauty, signaling more to come…And the flower, still, needs its care and nutrients.

Once the flower blooms, it's brilliant beauty is exposed, for the world to see.

The empty patch no longer is just a patch of dirt.

But what if the flower hadn't received its attention, care, as needed early on? Cosmos, Begonias, Fuchsia…self-seeders and flowers that don't require as much sunlight are still able to bloom.

It's not over until it's over, the flower isn't dead until it's dead-so don't give up on it just yet. Continue to give it love and care. What if it still dies? Your love and care wasn't wasted. It mattered.

Most [if not all] flowers need stems, that support, to bloom.

My analogy may be flawed, but.

We're all flowers. Each and every one of use. We're beautiful, unique. Magnificent. We need love and care, that attention. We need that support.



Welcome to Depression Tribe.



Always keep an open perspective,

always cherish every soul you come across.

And always feel the need to help others bloom,

as you try to bloom, yourself.


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  1. thistle 11 years ago


    Beautifully and simply put,a good reminder to all of us.

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