Ok, so yesterday at therapy I cried for the very first time. I've been in therapy since the end of Oct. Well, I was upset about alot of things. Like how my sister that has been missing (she's 19) called my mom. She's been with her boyfriend. She met her yesterday to give her a bag of her things. Mom was upset because she wants to be on her own, I can understand what my sister is talking about b/c I lived with my dad and step mom until I was 25 and was treated like a child too. That doesn't however excuse her running off like she did. She did it because she is scared of her dad. I have NEVER liked her dad. I'd take my alcoholic dad over him anyday.

Then at therapy yesterday my doctor was like may I pray over you and anoint you with oil. So, I said yes. Well before she did she was like "Who do you need to forgive? What do you need to repent for?" I answered her but there is one thing I prayed about, just didn't feel like telling her. I know she must know though because she was like "Anything else? No abortions right?"

Um WTF!!!  What is with these doctors. First my GI's PA asked me if I were making myself throw up as if I were bulemic and now my therapist thinks I've gotten rid of a baby. I want to be a mom SO BAD! I don't go back for two weeks because she's off next week. I just don't know what to think. That hurt my feelings. What're ya'lls thoughts? 

Yes I wrote ya'll I am from Texas afterall 😉


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