Hey everybody!

It's been quite some time since I have visited! I've been busy with one of my friend's wedding. So, I should fill any reader(s) in, and I hope everyone has been well…

I've been taking paxil for over a month now. I took 10mg at first, and hardly noticed any difference. I did note that when I first started taking them (for the first two weeks), I had no appetite and felt jittery. After the first few weeks, those side-effects become less. Also, I didn't lost my sex drive! Which I consider a huge plus! A week ago, my doctor went and brought up the prescription to 20mg. So as my body is adjusting to the new dose, I'm feeling those same symptons again: constant drowsiness, no appetite, and sometimes my anxiety worsens.

I have noticed the thoughts (MIGHT) be less. I still won't drive and my stomach still hurts. Evidently, my anxiety is a lot. I'm going to wait for the effects of 20mg to kick in but compared to my last anti-depressant, I'm kind of happy with paxil! I read horror stories online, and I STILL have some waiting to do (it's only been a month and the dose was so low), so I'll keep documenting my progress. Maybe I'll lose my sex drive. I hope not.

I'm also not covered by a health care plan, so that sort of sucks. Though it hasn't been as pricey.

I'm still afraid to apply to any other jobs outside of mine, but I may have to. The summer job I was supposed to be return to hasn't scheduled me and my EI is running out within two weeks! My boyfriend shouldn't have to pay for everything by himself! We can afford it, but I'll die of boredom! Plus, I love not living cheque-to-cheque.

Anyway, I'm going to browse some other people's profiles and see how they have been..


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  1. Donnie_Brasco_9 13 years ago

    I have been wondering where you were. Good to see you back.

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