What am I doing here? I don't even really know. I just feel so tired. Maybe it's that my photo ID has been expired for a year now as of yesterday and I just can't find the motivation to make myself go and do something about it. Or maybe it's that my best friend hasn't said anything to me in over a month. Maybe it's that my computer mouse isn't working consistently so it's annoying me and that I just got a new laptop and it's weird getting used to it.

Or maybe it's that my dog suffered an idiopathic peripheral vestibular episode. I'd explain, but…again…tired. It's something in the inner ear that causes the dog to have trouble with balance, etc. It's actually not uncommon in older dogs (mine is 15). She should be fine as long as I nurse her through it. She's got her appetite completely back now and is drinking plenty of water, etc. Her head tilt is much, much better. But since she was already unstable on her legs, she hasn't gotten back to walking yet. And I stupidly let her lay on one side for nearly two weeks, so now I have to nurse a nasty bedsore. My poor puppy. She'll be okay, but it's still tiring and I still worry. On top of this, it's now been two years since I lost my cat Jeneen. I can feel it with every part of me–how it's the same time of year and all–and all the feelings of terror and pain and…just the horrible anxiety…they come back.

Oh, yes, then the other big thing–our staris are FALLING DOWN!!!! I'm not kidding!!! Let's hope I never meet the idiot who built these stairs 'cause I might beat them up and do all kinds of unmentionable things to them. Now that we've looked at the stairs more closely, my sisters and I are actually rather shocked that they held up as long as they did!

Can I just go to sleep now and wake up when everything's better? *sigh* I haven't been sleeping well, either, so yeah…obviously, that makes it way worse.


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