In a snow storm in December 2009 I wrecked my car. I was driving home at night on a two lane road when I semi cut into my lane. I went to swerve, over corrected, and slid on the ice. I ping ponged my car 4 times off of two gaurd rails. I had suffered from back/neck problems ever since, but I wasn't seriously injured. Ever since my accident I have had high car anxiety.

For the first few months, I was over catious, slowing down too soon, waiting forever to pull out of a parking lot, never passing anyone, and avoiding highways. This accident petrifid me. The anxiety was worse when I was the passenger and didn't have control of the car. I would yell at the driver to slow down or be constantly jumpy. The anxiety was horrible. Over the last two years the anxiety has lessened, but I have yet to master highway driving. I drive on highways that aren't super busy, but the main highway where I live 69 terrifies me. I drove on it about a year ago and had a panic attack. I feel like everytime I turn on the news someone has died or gotten seriously injured on this highway. Occassionally I ride on it while my boyfriend drives, but it usually ends up in an arguement. I'll yell at him to slow down, or to stop following so closely. If I could drive on this highway it would save so much time.

Last year when I drove on 69 I was only planning to drive about 9 miles. As soon as I got on the onramp I started thinking about this entrie family who had slid on the ice and crashed on 69. The family past away. After my mind went there I couldn't stop these thoughts. I started having chest pains, breathing heavy , and shaking. I could barely keep on the gas because my leg was shaking so bad. I got off at the very next exited and found backroads. (which probably took 20minutes longer!).

I need to beat this fear and after reading encouraging post I am motivated to do so. I am really scared though because driving on a highway is putting so many people in danger. The highway is a 70mph, but people are doing 80. Usually I am consumed with thoughts about accidents and also what ifs about my car suddenly dieing, or having a tire pop off. I am getting anxious just thinking about it! I don't want to endanger anyone else or myself, but I feel that it is time to kick this thing once and for all.

Ugg. Decisions, decisions! Any advice?


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