I’ve been here  a couple of days now.  I adjusted my regional settings on Monster.com, applied for one job I found on a whim (just to say I did) and got an immediate response, as well as a phone interview yesterday, which went well (except I was dead tired).  Jetlag from the US is bad, in being tired all the time.  I think coming back was worse however, in that I wake up at 4am each day (after going to bed at midnight).  My brain thinks it”s 10am, and I "POP" awake.  By Noon I feel horrible and have to take an afternoon nap.

My nieces and nephew are geniuses, I know everyone thinks their own family is smart, but these kids are ridiculously smart.  Katie, the youngest, is fighting being put in gifted and talented education (called GATE) Jacob is good with algorithms (for a 12 year old)  and would make a good programmer some day, if that interests him.  The oldest, well if she wasn’t caught up in high school drama, could focus more on school and see past the horizon of high school.  She’s still hella smart.  But hey, she’s only 14, I’ll cut her some slack (weren’t we all absorbed by what’s in front of us at that age? 🙂

The three of them at once?  Terrors!  🙂  But fun.  Alabama is quiet and peaceful from what I can tell.  Cost of living is waaay below Seattle and the UK, but I can make as much money as I did in Seattle, and have more left over at the end of the day (a lot more).  I found it’s easier to find work here than in the UK.  It turns out Huntsville is the Tech Sector of the southeast, Boeing, Northrup Grumman, Lockheed and NASA are all here, as well as many others.

I NEED COFFEE!!!  Or do I?  Apparently folks drink tea (sweet tea) in the south, like in the UK.  I can’t escape tea!!! 

OK that was random 🙂  Meds are holding up, I have about 20 Lithium and two Klonopins left.  Save those for a rainy day (well, a very rainy day 🙂  The sun will do me good here as well, and I can get back to my old healthy diet (tho sadly there are no Whole Foods Markets here, it will be challenging).

Nothing against the UK, Belle was a blast to be around, but I found myself getting deeper and deeping into depression, days sometimes fealt like weeks, and weeks often felt like days.  You put two bipolars together, and when one is down and the other is up, the upper can bring the downer up.  If both are depressed however, that’s a very dark place to be, I found.  I found myself sleeping whole days away, and when Belle was down, I couldn’t find the strength to bring her up, as much as I wanted to.  She’s doing much better these days, than when I met her.  I’d like to say I had something to do with that, but it really comes down to the individual in their own efforts, when it comes to success in endeavors.

Talk to you later…


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