I guess I am unsure of where to start…. To know me.. I guess I'll start with second grade.

In second grade I lost my dog. I was a outgoing and giddy child. But when my dog died, I am unsure why. I just shut down. I did not talk to the kids at school or out of school. I would sit and write stories at recess. The teacher was worreid about me so she called me mom and made her come talk to me at recess… After that I didn't talk for two whole months…

Then third grade came around…. I started having trouble academically in school. Basic math problems were becoming impossible for me, my reading skills just went down in flames. So I was held at receess all the time by my teacher to re-do and work over and over again all the problems. My friends all though I was dumb and I was becoming an outsider who just didn't know a thing… Eventually that year I got tested and I got extended time on my tests and extra help in my classe.. I didn't understand what was wrong with me. All I knew was that my mind didn't work the same way as other kids did… in the midle of junior year I ended up fiding out it was slow processing disorder…Then fourth grade hit and I moved schools because the school that I was going to didn't have the academic support that I needed. At this school I met an mentally abusive girl… making friends there.. wasn't easy. I'd realyl like to skip over jr. high… so moving on..I went on a camping trip and that is where i met somone who was sexually abusive to me and mentallly manipulative… Mmm it ended with that person end of sophomore year… then senior year… came around and something happened… that i still can't talk about easily….


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