i wrote this in 5 mins for a special friend of mine. another friend who turned their back!

Someone to hold you for all of the night

someone who cares and will pull you in tight
someone to not judge you and stay for the fight
someone who wants to remain in your sight
someone forever to take hold of your hand
someone you can walk with when you go to the sand
someone to go out with and go watch a band
someone who so wished he could fly to your land
someone to talk to who listens so well
someone who worries when so much seems like hell
someone who cares and wants you to tell
someone who’s delighted when everything’s well
someone who wipes away tears when you weep
someone to caress you all night as you sleep
someone you can care for and always to keep
someone who’s feelings will forever run deep
someone who thinks you’re a sweet little dove
someone that believes you were sent from above
someone to fit with with like hand into glove
someone who is special forever to love
  1. snowle 10 years ago

     What a beautiful poem.  Sometimes it helps to put things down on paper.  I'm sorry you got hurt.  Disappointment can hurt more than pain.  Hope you find peace of mind.  take care.

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  2. SuperB86 10 years ago

     I wish i had a friend that your poem describes… 

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  3. SuperB86 10 years ago

     I wish i had a friend that your poem describes… 

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  4. borntired 10 years ago

    pretty amazing for writing that in five minutes

    I have a husband i love dearly and have been married to for 26 almost 27 years. The thing is, he is not perfect, nor am I. Sometimes he hurts me, sometimes i hurt him (emotionally) because no one is going to totally understand you….and just when they do, you or them change. People are amazing and ever changing.

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