Joy's House is really happening!
My dad…
My dad, who finally fired me near the end of my run two years ago, and would not even allow me in his house or clubs, without a wary eye kept on me for the first year of my sobriety; so sure it was just another bs scam/con,

Now has the premiere issue of It's all in the JOURNEY framed on the wall of his office!
He now calls me to speak/comfort/help his friends – who struggle, with their child's struggle, with addiction.

When I told him last year that I wanted to open a Joy's House in Joy's memory, he replied,
"Can you afford it?" "Don't you think you have enough on your plate?" "Can you handle it?"

Jukebox playing the same old song.

And when I had an opportunity to buy an existing sober house for women (That was one I actually used to rent out to dancers over 20 years ago when I ran a strip club on Miami Beach – One of my favorite God shot stories! – Imagine, while looking for a house to live in after finishing rehab, you find out your realtor (in recovery), has a sober house for women. Now imagine, (if you can!), that out of 100's of thousands of houses in Miami, your realtor has bought your old house and made it a sober house for women! So, (I LOVE this) this house has gone from a house where women used to drink & get high; just to go to work – to a house where women work just to not drink or get high!)!
How cool is that?

That deal fell through because my credit is..
"Bad" would be an improvement to it.
But I tried. And I told my dad that I would keep trying until I get it.

I've been told that women's houses are more difficult; "Open a men's house, trust me".
But I trust God, and it is something I feel, almost driven, to do.
I believe Joy's House (and Joy's spirit) will help girls, and I believe that I will be helping Joy (even vicariously) through helping these girls.

So when the main house on the property of the cottage my girlfriend & I rent went up for sale, I wanted it.
It's perfect: our cottage, plus a 4 bedrooms/3 bathroom, in a 2500 sq. ft., house on 9/10ths of an acre (Huge in Miami).
It's located between 3 treatment centers (who have all said they need a women's house so their girls who are leaving can stay close for outpaitent) and 4 clubhouses/meeting rooms.

I started looking for financing.

When my dad asked me how it was going a few weeks ago, I told him I had possibly found the money, but it was from a private lender & going to cost me alot more than a reg. bank would.
"DOn't worry about it. Linda (his wife) and I are going to co-sign a loan for you!
Yesterday the bank sent me a stack of paperwork to sign.
The closing is supposed to be on Sept. 3rd.
I sit here…numb/awed,
And a little afraid.
The warped wolf pack (read my story, 'Wolf packs prowling the Serengetti inside of my head), whispering in my head:
"CAN you handle it, Charlie?"

I do doubt;
But it's just dust from my old life being stirred up. I rely on God today.

We've added a new link on the top of JOURNEY's website called ''Donate to Joy's House/JOURNEY'

I am NOT asking for donations here, but I would like you guys to go there (, and tell me what you think of our logo for Joy's House! Also, under it is the saying: Big changes in small ways. I am also considering, 'The Joy is in the JOURNEY'.
Can you guys give me some ideas for a saying/logo for Joy's House?

I will be putting pictures up as soon as it is finalized (Say a prayer, please!).
Thank you.



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