Hi guys,

Well it is my Friday night and I have gone to 3 meetings tonight… just because I can plus needed to meet a couple of girls… well at the first meeting there was a young ladies there that was hurting because she drank last night… so I took her to the next meeting which was on what we are grateful for… you know all of the things that I heard to be grateful for I can relate, kids, AA, family, friends, having a job, getting sober, the list can go on and on…… but while I was sitting there I realized that I can be grateful for a whole list of things but what am I willing to do today to keep that gratitude? I have enjoyed waking up this last month feeling gratitude. And peace, and serenity, and a total feeling of calmness…. wow what a treat for a drunk like me… so what am I willing to do to keep it… Treat others the way I want to be treated… have the attitude of gratitude… and keep my side of the street clean… not get into the chaos that so many of them want you to get into… I love this life i have today and I am willing to go to any length to keep it. I believe that what comes around goes around… and I like that because I have NOT put anything out there that will come back and bite me in the ass… I have a sponsor that keeps a close eye on me for that because that is part of my big stick syndrome…. that I am really trying hard to make a very small stick…. hehehe….. My live is awesome today and the amount of freedom that I have and peace I have I do not want to give up for anyone or thing….

You all have an extremely blessed day…



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