****Okay, first off: this is just a rant since I'm very pissed off about something. I don't recommend commenting or telling anything from your point of view or advice… to be honest, that's just going to make me more pissed off. Just telling you in advance.****

Anyways, there is this guy I like. His name is Alexander and I have known him since I first moved into the city where I am living in now. I moved here in 2010 and so did he. He is originally from Ontario. We have been snapchatting and flirting back and forth and it has been amazing 🙂 He is my age and obviously goes to my school.

He is not the case. My best friend, Jenna,is talking to this 20 year old guy she met on Tumblr (she is 16 as well) and he is also from Ontario. She has another friend, Alex, who gets very jealous if she is left out of a conversation or whatever she does not know what Jenna is talking about when she brings this guy up. Jenna does not want to tell Alex since she knows Alex will be pissed off at her for not keeping her updated on all of the events that has been happening and what they do when they kik each other (they sext and stuff. I'm so disappointed in her because I told her not to.)

Today at lunch, Jenna and I were talking about this guy and Alex got pissed off because she didn't know what we were talking about, which I understand. So, she got up and left us. Jenna then turns to me and says, "She's pissed off at me because she doesn't know what's going on and who we're talking about."

I didn't say anything. She then proceeds to talk about, "What if Alex asks me who we're talking about and who I'm talking to?"

"I don't know," I said. So we basically sat there for a few minutes running through all these guys would could say Jenna is talking to at our school, but none of them she agreed on because Alex would probably talk to them.

She then has this idea and I immediately got pissed off. "You know, I can just say I was talking to Alexander. She doesn't talk to him." I told her I didn't like that idea and she got pissed off at me. No, he's absolutely off limits.

Some background information between Alexander and Jenna:

Jenna has always done this with guys that I like. Whenever I bring up a guy that I like, she always has to find a way to widdle herself in with them, too. She just got out of a relationship in late October since her boyfriend could not stand her bitching. She is that typical catty girlfriend everybody hates.

Her ex-boyfriend, Dylan, is now dating another girl who is Alexander's ex-girlfriend and Dylan and Alexander were pretty good friends up until this point. Alexander hates Jenna's guts and everybody knows he wouldn't talk to her for the life of him.

Before this, I would always flail to her about all the cute stuff Alexander did with and for me and she so happened to say, "Oh, yeah. He is actually pretty attractive. I mean, attractive, but not so much anything else for me." This is what she said about another boy who I liked and then tried to go with him over the summer when she was dating Dylan, now I can't try anything with that boy, Connor, because they both ended up getting in a huge fight and don't even talk to one another anymore.

Anyways, I told her I didn't like the idea and so she said, "I can just say I was talking to him because you wanted to know something about him or whatever." Alex wouldn't buy that because I'm not a person who beats around the bush. If I want to know something about someone, I ask them myself. So, I said no again and she got even more pissed off at me.

Then I said, "How about Nick Swartz? He's nice and she doesn't talk to him."

She said, "NO! He's in Dylan's group of friends."

So I said, "So? He's a nice guy and still talks to you."

Then, the lunch bell rang and we went our seperate ways, leaving me pissed off.


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