I'm just frustrated I guess. Today has been a bad day. Just everything that could have gone wrong went wrong. During last period today I got so frustrated, I almost started crying. It was Pre-Cal… So I'm not surprise… lol… Just… I was fine first and second period. It was like a normal day. The third period came and we had to present a powerpoint.. And I did the whole thing wrong… There were four articles we had to read. Two were about diseases, the other two were about the ER. We had to do the presentation on the Er ones and I did it on the diseases one… If that weren't enough, I felt super embarrassed present and nervous and felt like I was going to be sick (we had just eaten lunch so it was a good possibility that I might have thrown up…) Like I'm terrible at presenting on my own, let alone when I know that I did the whole thing wrong….

Then math came along and this whole year has just been terrible. I mean it's only been four weeks and everytime I'm in that class I get super frustrated. And THIS IS REVIEW! We are supposed to already know this! So I almost started crying because I was just super frustrated and depressed and I just wanted to go home and crawl into bed…

So mom comes home with dinner and I have to eat with them now because mother has banned me from eating in my room. And at first I was like whatever (because I honestly forgot why I was always in my room when I ate)… Long behold on the news, the gay marriage appeal comes on and my mother's boyfriends practically shouts out "It's Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve"….. So I imediate finish my dinner and hide in my room. Like can you see how this is a problem. I'M BISEXUAL!! Like he doesn't know for good reason but it P***ES ME THE FRELL OFF! My hands are literaly shaking right now and I'm like punching these keys right now with just thinking about it all. So I post something about it all facebook because I'm a teenager, like let's be honest. And mother got really mad and like started yelling at me. And I'm like really upset now…

I just want to cry. Like I know if I do than I will feel so much better. But my friend just called me and settled me down so I'm no longer shaking or punching the keys…. So now I'm really not going to cry now. I rarely cry. Which is one of the reasons why I get REALLYupset for no apparent reason or for a really small reason. It's like my body saying that I just need a good cry. I don't know… Maybe tonight.

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  1. lostandscared 8 years ago

    hehe adam and steve seriously though try not to let it bother you too much if you can and im always around if you ever need someone to talk too

    take care- Cassie

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