I write this blog, not so much about me, but about my aunt, whom I feel sorry for.

My mother has 2 older sisters: one of which is very opiniated, a nice lady although quite the talker and has an answer for everything and everyone. Her other sister is mellow, soft spoken, a heart made of gold….and she’s an invalid.

You see, my invalid aunt was sick for most of her life. She had an unfortunate childhood. Her father was very domineering and her mother was a simple, dignified lady who had her at an older age. I’m not sure how old, but she was quite older. She didn’t have an easy life to start with, her life was plagued with illnesses that would later punish her in her twilight years. I won’t endeavor to list the illnesses she has nor had, as they were many.

She’s in her late 60’s now. Most women that age are in the prime of their elderly lives, but alas not my aunt, which is unfortunate. She is unable to walk on her own, uses a walker to get around, she is a diabetic, has high blood pressure and is legally blind, or almost blind. She is the subject of 3, going on 4, corneal transplant surgeries…all of which the latter, have been unsuccessful.

Why do I write about her here? Well, she breaks my heart. She is one of the reasons why I feel so bad about life, why I think that life is unpleasant and unfair. True, there are many things to be happy about, but this is one of many things I feel like shit about.  I am not overly religious either, though I state in my profile that I am a Christian, more or less. I try and talk to God and ask him (or her) why do bad things happen to good people, especially people like my aunt, who have done no wrong to people. In spite of her many setbacks, my aunt is a fighter. That doesn’t stop her from asking questions about  why she has to go through these trials and tribulations when she has done nothing to anyone.

Life is unkind sometimes. Life is unfair, most of the time. Why we have to suffer and ‘bear our crosses’ is beyond me. Like I said, I don’t have that much faith, because I see the inhumanity  and the sicknesses that goes on in and around me…and that makes me sad.

I hope that there’s a light at the end of that tunnel…


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