You know what I’ve come to despise? How some men…or maybe just the men that I know…are in denial over the way women feel about their bodies and why.

Now, I’m not saying that all men are solely to blame. I’m just saying that how some of them behave doesn’t help and frankly, I’m tired of those same guys trying to convince me that everything is all in my head or something someone else caused and that they have no influence over it whatsoever.

I feel insecure. I want to lose about 50 pounds even though my boyfriend has never asked me to. But there is no denying that he’s found thin women attractive, even downright skinny ones, females that barely even have curves worth mentioning. The same applies to a friend of mine and other random guys I’ve heard talking online and off.

One even poked fun at some actress, a heavy girl, calling her a pig and then going nuts over her thin costar. A month or so later, I ask about his wife and he says that she feels uncomfortable with him seeing her naked and comments that "women are too hard on themselves". Uh…wtf?

Another guy keeps trying to convince me that models and actresses and singers are thin and girly and sexy simply because gay men have made it mandatory, they’re responsible for it. Or maybe he was saying that they’re the ones into that look, who the hell knows, I just know that somehow gay men are involved and apparently no real straight guy would be into that look.

Really, if you’re going to get all revved up over a skinny girl, at least have the guts to admit it. It’s not like saying they’re hot and then backtracking tricks me into thinking you never went there in the first place or that I misunderstood. It’s insulting to my intelligence and is really getting on my nerves.

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  1. WadeAlexander72 11 years ago

    I don”t think it”s gay men that have made it mandatory for models, actresses, etc to be thin. It”s the media and the corporations. Tabloids too. Take a look at the National Enquirer for example (and this drives me nuts) – one issue it will say how some actress is a fatty because she happened to gain 5 pounds or has a photo of her taken at a bad angle. Another issue will call her "scary thin" because she lost that 5 pounds. It”s ridiculous.

    You get stuff like that, and then you get all these media images of thin women, skinny models, you hear being heavy is BAAAAAAD – it”s bound to screw people up and I”m not surprised women have a lot of body issues. How can you not sometimes with all this tossed down your throats from childhood on? It”s pretty damn awful and I hate all of it.

    A lot of men don”t seem to get that. I don”t know why…either they are stupid, or they are so blind they just don”t see what the problem is. That guy who made the comment about that actress sounds like a real jackass btw – so he probably isn”t one to really look to for intelligence.

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