My husband and I have only been together a little over 3 years now. We have two childern together, a 2 year old, and a 7 month old. Now here is where things get complicated. When I met him he had some medical issues, he said it was cancer, he did have a partial esophegeal relacement and twonissen fundoplication surgeries, one of them I was there for. Anyway the past year I feel like he has become a different person. He was alwyas so self sacrificing, would do anything for me and our oldest child. However, after loosing his recent job some scary facts have come to light.

First I caught on to some significant inconsistencies in his stories about his past that he has told me. Both his mother and aunt confirmed that most of the things he told me were lies. For example, he said he was in the Marines but his mom said that never happened. Also he told me about a girlfriend that died when he was younger, and his mom said she was alive and they never even dated.

Then more recently my daughter was diagnosed with a medication resistant form of epilepsy and I realized that my husband has been the only person to ever witness one of her seizures…even though I was her primary caretaker for the past 13 months.

And all of a sudden my husband's condition worsened just as I was returning to work full-time. He was vomiting blood and spending days in and out of hospitals but I never had the opportunity to speak with any of his doctors.

So, I know this is wrong, but when he got back home after spending over a week in two different hospitals I looked through his backpack that he took with him…and I found several syringes and vials of blood! I even took photos to prove that I saw what I did.

Now I ask, what do I do? I knew he liked to exaggerate things but this is scarier than I ever imagined. I want to help him, and I still love him dearly, but I am worried. Especially since he is now the stay-at-home dad.

  1. RZA324 8 years ago

    Well from a Womens perspective I would be a litte more inquisitivie about the circcumstance at hand.  Steve stated that you need to know more in order for you to keep the marriage intact in order to help him and keep the marriage going. PUKESorry Steve making her feel that she needs to be responsible for his needs, and make it all better. I know we are the superior beings but give us a break there is only so much we can do.  Was just kidding there steve, well to a certain extent, but thats what you made it sound like.  Anyway ask him he is your huband, what if it was reversed, so sick of this double standard, you don't have to use a rubber hose, just ask what is going on and that your concernced, beside a LMFT, won't see you without your spouse, not if their ethical anyway.  Ask him and then decide what you two want to do about this, LMFT aren't mirracle workers they need both parties to be on the same page regarding wanting help, if your the only one who even feels there is an issue well how is that going to help your marriage/relationship.  Good luck and just be you, not confrontational but concerned yet upset, as you should be with the lies to put it bluntly


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  2. ancientgeekcrone 8 years ago

    It sounds to me that he has an undiagnosed mental illness. Possibly Schizophrenia. In some types of this illness people see things (halucinations)

    hear things and imagine things that never happened.As for the syringes and vials of blood, I don't know. I believe his needs a work up before things get worse.

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  3. Stormbringer 8 years ago

    shit kidda, sounds like he might be a PD this is not a good scenario is it, I suggest you ask the marine core if he was in there, not hard, and I would ask him his army number or say hey you still got your beret, or your army dog tags, now you need to learn about eye accessing cues so go to youtube and type in eye accessing cues, lots to learn and then you can watch for incongruancies in his words and his eyes tell you something else. stay safe, hope all is good in the future.


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