So here I sit, in my office, as I do every morning. I go outside, smoke a cig and watch all the cars going past the car dealership that I run. The weather is cool and definately feels like Fall. The Sun is out and shining brightly and beautifully. As the cars go by, I wonder where the people are going today. I wonder if they are happy about thier lives. I wonder if they look around them and notice the leaves changing color and falling to the ground. Do they think about people other than them selves that may be less fortunate. Am I alone in my sadness or are some of them just as sad. Is a hug or a smile or kind words from a stranger something they would value, or is it something they would hide from. Do the children in the cars see the beauty around them today or are they caught up in the same sorrows and woes that thier parents expose them to. I remember when I was a young boy and every day was always such an adventure. Every moment was such a new moment and whether I was sad or happy, the world the next day was a big beautiful place full of new dreams to make me want to live another days adventure.

As I am writting I wonder how to get that feeling back. How I can make every day a new adventure and how the thrill of life can make me as excited as I was when I was that young boy. I will try to open my eyes and my mind this weekend to the world and try and look at only the beauty around me.

Good luck to all my friends who have gotten caught up in the same routine as they do every day and can try to feel young again. Maybe today will be a bright day for you and the people you are near.

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  1. SaltWaterDrinker 11 years ago

    Man, I'm having these very thoughts today. I wish you tons of luck in your project of seeing things anew.  You're right that we all did it once and can do it again.

    Best wishes!


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