It's been a while since I last updated my blog, I know. There hasn't been any progress made on any front and I've since moved on. I've been spending a lot of time with an old friend of mine from 3 years ago and she's been helping me through the whole situation. She has an adorable 17mo daughter so I've been learning a few parenting skills here and there. She works days and I work nights so we don't get to hang out much except the weekends but we text all the time so that helps keep my mind occupied.

Natasha sent me a text a few weeks ago saying she wants a paternity test because she isn't sure if our son is really mine or her exes because the dates are close. her LMP was on November 4th and we got together on the 10th. Her ex was arrested for beating her up on October 29th so I don't see how things can be "close" at all. We still aren't speaking and she's decided on a name herself. She did ask my input a couple times but neither of us liked what the other was suggesting so she decided on her own – Kamerzyn. She wanted uncommon and unique and it doesn't get much more uncommon and unique than that lol. She's still letting me come to the ultrasound appointments so that's a plus. The next one is on May 1st, 24 weeks old. I plan to ask if they're going by measurements or the supposed date of conception for his age. That will help me get a better idea if he's mine or not. I've put my life on hold until we find out for certain and that's quite a strain. If he's mine, then I'll have to fight with her to spend time with him beyond what the courts approve since she's already shown me how much she's going to include me in everything. If he isn't mine, then I get the satisfaction of telling her where she can go and wipe my hands of the whole situation and get on with my life. The plan is some sort of schooling andmoving, most likely out of state. I've had enough of Pennsylvania.

Anyways, that's it. Not much to update on other than saying there aren't any real updates lol. I'll post another ultrasound of "Zyn" after the 1st.

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    TessErin 8 years ago

    Wow…I feel bad for this kid–not just for the name he may end up with but for his mother's…choices. I don't have kids, but if I did it would be a bit different considering I'm a girl. But it wouldn't feel right not giving the father any choice regarding a name. Unless she went to a sperm bank and made this choice on her own, the father (regardless of who it is) deserves a right to be in this boy's life. From what you have said, about the other possibility of paternity, I really hope you are the dad.
    When I was a teen, I used to watch Maury ("you are the father" bs). Regardless if the show was "real" or dramatized, there was an audience member with a t-shirt that had a very powerful message: Anyone can be a father but it takes a man to be a DADDY. If you do decide to distance yourself from this woman, that is your choice but please keep this kid in mind. If his "dad" is in jail, the role models he will have won't be the best. Would it be possible for you to keep in touch with the mom? Again,  I don't know the whole story but I hope this kid has at least one good role model. Best of Luck!!

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    elf 8 years ago

    Good for you that you are sticking around until you find out you are NOT the father. So many men do it the other way around. They only show up when they are forced to. You will have rights to see your son. Get a good lawyer to guarantee it.

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    delcorin 8 years ago

    I sent her a text today asking how her and baby are doing and she replied with "Good". I then asked "Is he starting to become a Kung Fu Master or Dancer in there yet? lol" trying to inject a little humor and lighten the silence a bit and I got a "ya". I told her I'm still here if she needs any help with anything and that I'll see her on Thursday with no reply. I'm still trying to keep communication going but if he isn't mine I don't think she'll talk to me at all or allow me to be anything to him. Her mother and I used to work together and introduced us so I get a little info through her. She's at least willing to talk to me and sympathizes with me so I can find things out through her.


    All of my previous blogs are about this situation. There are a lot of them but if you get bored and have a half hour to kill they'd get you up to speed. It's a story well worth a daytime soap haha. Thank you for the comments 🙂

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