KissSo, Kiss

since activism is a big part of my life… meeting other PHAs such as ourselves

is on the top of my list.

Just finished

the Walk for Life AIDs Walk here,

was the Grandmarshal for it ….

had to do a bunch of Press Releases for it,

outing myself to the whole world…

ok maybe not the world,

but all of Thunder Bay!!


Then this wekkend

(Sept 28 to the 30th)

I was in Toronto with

Voices of Positive Women

for their annual Healing Retreat!

I met so many amazing women…

most single, cute and poz!!

I will be refering them to this site men,

so no worries…

you will have a chance to meet them!!

We all bonded so much,

and it was such a heart felt experience..

I even cried when I had to leave.

I love being around others like me,

there seems to be no one in my city.

I start a new job on the 15th,

getting into the

Tech Support Call Centre here!!

Woo hoo!!

Let's see if maybe I can get those never ending mounds of bills paid off!!

And perhaps be able to still afford Xmas!!


Peace and Love Everyone!!


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