I desire to
eat you alive,
to become
a five foot tall
preying mantis.
a little
black widow spider.
it's not like that.
I do not wish my pleasure
to feed upon your pain,
I want to eat you alive
and whole and
I want to be able to
take every inch of you
into the core of my very being
so much more than
our former ostentatious
loud passionate
fuck sessions,
because you are so beautiful
so sumptuous so delectable
I wanna put you in my mouth and
swallow  you entirely down
because when we kissed
we both would get gooseflesh
upon the skin…
gobble you down
like a pretty little pill
no, forget that,
it is a cheaper kind
of thrill found in a drug…
I'd rather
savor you slowly
after one token hug…
or inhale you quickly
in the shape of a bananna
why you laughing,
baby;  Is it really
all that impressive?
because your legs are
succlent your thighs
so strong and thick,
the saucy glint of your eyes
the creamy pleasures of your


I want to consume you,
snap you up like
 a hungry raptor.
a starving mako,
mmmmmm honey,
you are always so
delicious. I want you
right here in my belly,
like a magick trick.
slurp you up quick,
with a lascivious lusty
slurrrping sound!
nowheres to be found,
and after that you give
my belly inside a soft smack
you cry out aloud,
"oh baby baby
please just
let me out,
you know i really
need to breathe..outside
of you, I need to come back"
like a fairy or a geniie
..I can do anything!!!
I cough you back out
while both of us rejoice
and laugh all about
that time you went deep
so deep inside my stomach
and said it was soft so soft
and said it was warm and pink,
where I wanted to keep you
but yet I must
gave up and spit you
out for you could still
smile for and kiss me
and to live
and to live.
I want to consume you.
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