The Fear Of Being Alone

Many of us carry this fear to an unfair severity in our lives,
by making the wrong choices in our lives with people,
not to say that people do not deserve a chance in our lives,
but the people that we have let in our lives to share our journey,
should be able to be compromising of our feelings as well as their own.

Many times we get caught up in our lives where we find ourselves,
being to passive looking after others feelings more than our own,
trying to keep the peace rather than sticking up for ourselves,
eventually you will feel like you are being taken for granted,
which will eventually cause bad feelings toward each other.

Being giving is a good feeling to have to a certain point,
when it feels like you are the only one giving and not receiving,
you feel like your kindnesses are being taken for weakness.

If you see yourself in this situation stop and think for a minute,
ask yourself are you being too passive in your life?

If your answer to the question is yes!!!

Then try to take a different approach with these people,
start standing up for yourself by not being so passive,
people will respect you more if you stand up for yourself,
and not always be feel like your on the loosing end.

Remember compromising is a fifty/ fifty effort in life,
if people in your life are not willing to be compromising,
they will only drag you into a severe depression,
and that will only make your life unhappy to you.

So talk to them about it first and tell them how your feeling,
if they still wont compromise then you need to make,
that harsh decision whether they are worth your unhappiness,
or let them be on their way.

Many of us fall in the category of the fear of being alone,
so we find ourselves sacrificing our happiness for the dependency.

If you find you self in this position  start depending,
on your true friends to find a different happiness,
while you gain the courage or decide on what is best for you,
only you know what is going to make you happy in your life.

Do not let the fear of being alone stand in the way of happiness!!!

Written by,
Steve M. Jolicoeur


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