Hello my name is Brendan and I have anxiety. Lol I've always wanted to do that, ok time to get serious. I've had it since I was about 10(I'm 16 now). I've always loved listening to peoples problems no matter how big or small, and I've never been sure why. I've always kinda put aside my issues so I can help others, but now my anxiety is getting worse. I've never tooken medication for it nor been to a therapist about it. And all its done is just gotten worse. My dad thinks it's just a phase that everyone goes through and that I just need to get over it and get better. My mom who graduated with her bacholers from Auburn University(she got Alum Kum Loude or however it's spelt). She majored in Physcology and wanted to be a therapist for children and family. You would expect her to be someone I could turn to, but she never listens when I try to talk to her and she never takes me seriously, neither does my dad. And when I try to tell my dad about my problems he just says, "I don't know what makes you think you have anxiety, but your fine."

I don't know what causes my anxiety, I know it's not because I get nervous around a bunch of people, most of the time I'm very outgoing and always talking to people and being around large groups. I do know that I get anxious when I get worried if I'll have an anxiety attack. And that's usually when it gets real bad and I just want to crawl in a whole and die. That's why I don't like to leave the house much because I get afraid I'll have an anxiety attack.

I didn't even know what anxiety was until recently. I always though I had a messed up stomach and that I had issues. I googled anxiety one night because I was bored and I wanted to know what it means. And I read what it was and I thought to myself I have a lot of those symptoms, so I took a bunch of self anxiety tests on medical websits and every one of them told me I had severe anxiety. So I went to my grandparents house(they are the only people that actually listen and care about me) and my grandmother told me that I probably do because it runs in her family. And she said she could tell anxiety when she sees it since she has it, and she says I have it pretty bad and that I need to talk to a professional. Well I told my parents and my mom finally decided that she will take me if she can get up the money. Well we are going on a 7 hour road trip to South Carolina(I live in Alabama) and I told them that I will stay with my grandparents while they go on vacation and they don't want me to, but I've decided I don't care what they think, I AM STAYING WITH MY GRANDPARENTS. But my mom said after they get back she will take me to a professional because my grandmother in South Carolina is going to pay for the sessions. I have more issues, but this blog is pretty long, and if you've actually been reading all this I don't want to make you read a bunch more. So I'll stop it at this and post more later. Sorry if I took up a bunch of your time.

  1. kellyleapettry 12 years ago

    HI, I suffer from anxiety also. I didn't know that 4 years ago that is what was wrong with me either. I went to my Dr. and she told me I had it and sent me to a phsyc. and put me on meds. I know it really stinks when the people you want to listen thinks its "all in your head" or they tell you to forget about it. It is hard to do when you have panic attacks too. But I am on Prozac and Ativn. I have generalized anxiety, I am a people person and love to go out in crowds, my anxiety comes out of nowhere at times, sometimes for no reason at all. That is what scares me. But you do need professional help, I let mine go for  a long time having weird feelings and stuff and it got so bad I thought I was dying, I lost like 40 lbs, putting me at 76 lbs, yeah, gross, but I couldn't eat, and my nerves were bad. I am glad I got help when I did. Good luck and hope you get the help you need and deserve.

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  2. dreamer101 12 years ago

    You sound a lot like I was when I was younger, but differ in circumstances. The best thing you can do for yourself is to get some help. People told me the same thing, that I would get over it, everyone is like that. That's not true. Anxiety so debilitating your afraid to leave your own house. My therapist is that the fear of things is the worst of it. It's not what actually happens, its the thinking about. Keep telling yourself, what is the worst that could actually happen? And if then do I care what anyone else thinks? I was afraid to get help until I was 19, by then I was so near suicide it wasn't funny. I never got over the anxiety. I still live with it, but with therapy, pushing myself to take small steps and medication I have gotten better. I can function more. I can do more things. Don't ever let the anxiety beat you. Its great your mother is going to take you so your grandmother can pay for it. If that wasn't the case, you could always talk to a school counseler.

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