lets pretend that like is some big viedo game , you get to make your character, pick his hair color, height , strenghts and weekneses. You go on missions evey level gets harder:

level one : you feel like life if over you stay in bed, basicly giving up before you even started. Its like a pause button your putting your life on hold, but life is still right there waiting for you. so get up and continue the battle!

level two: things are getting harder, more obsticals ,less people to help you, the harder it is the more points you get, you learn from you mistakes, its likka cheet code , onces youve messed up you know to go the other way.

level three: life for you is feeling like its over, all the pain inside of you is terring you apart the more you can handle the stronger you get. living in fear to not make any wrong moves because in life there is no reewinds that is the diffrence between video games in life. its harder and gets more painful the more you advance. all the exiperience you have from the erlier levels is still in your back pocket.

last level : you feel like your missing a leg , thats how much pain you are in but the end of the race is near , your soon going to get your trophy , you must go on, last battle , your sword is out and ready , so is you knolege gained in the past, its a secret wepon! take that wepon and put it to use .

goal reashed : all of that pain and suffering payed off, you won the game you did NOT let sorrow take you over because it was the easiest thing to do you unpaused life and pushed forward.All you need to do is press play and you have a world of adventure , hope and hapiness waiting for you.

Will you play this hard, confusing game called your life ? unpause the games hapinness is waiting for you , so work hard and injoy your prize !!!

i love you all and hope i put a smile on someones face today 🙂 you all deserve to be happy , if anyone needs to talk, chat me 🙂 play on ! <3

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  1. dreams_of_hope 11 years ago


    aww thanks sweetie i hope we get the chance to talk soon )

    take care xxxxxx

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