Today's mantra seems to be "I'm just trying to make it to next week." I've been feeling angry (frustrated, whatever) all day.

My boss at my second job was just fired last week for something really minor and stupid. So now the other two managers and I have to pick up her hours until they replace her. It really sucks, because I really did like working for her and now there's no telling what kind of over-zealous harpy they'll replace her with.

Anyway, I'm just overworked and frazzled. I was hoping to get enrolled at IUN before the semester starts on the 26th and my schedule is packed. I can't even get a moment to figure out what I need to do. I took off work early at JC Macydales so I could just spent a few hours making phone calls, appointments with the School of Education @ IUN, and try to find a doctor and make an appointment for that too.

So, in the midst of all that, I call my brand new private insurance company to find out how the billing is supposed to be handled and I'm told that they only accept credit cards for the first payment. Any further payments have to be done by check or money order. This wasn't disclosed when I applied. I was hoping to make a quarterly payment that I could slowly pay off throughout the months, rather than having to cough up $500+ on the spot–I just don't have that kind of money.

So I set up a monthly billing–which will cost me an extra $10 a month. Unluckily for me, DH came home from work early (school officially started for him, but classes aren't until later in the week) and got all bent out of shape and grouchy over the health insurence issue. I listened to him bitch and moan and act all-around rude because he was on his soap-box about how the president was supposed to help us and he screwed us instead…blah, blah, etc.

I told him I didn't give a flying f*** about the president. I was just trying to make it to next week without having a melt-down. I'm too busy trying to cope with here and now to work myself up bitching about how it's all so much bullshit.

Sometimes I wish he would help me remain calm, instead of stressing me out further. I have to go to my other job still, and I feel like I'm carrying the world on my shoulders.


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