Hi You all know how I have been saying my (one) family member I have here has moved away?. Well it turned out the the grass was not greener on the other side so she asked for her job back here where I work ( and she before me) Now that she had to drive over one hour she asked for late/early shifts so she could stay with me in between. Well she got what she wanted and I got USED  rather obviously by her arrival 15 mins before work and leaving for her home straight from work the next day. This has gone on for 2 months now. Last week I got quite ill and messaged her that she didnt need to go straight to work that I was unwell and at home, she never arrived so I rang up work again for that night shift off as I was still unwell. She arrived at 10.15pm said hello and went to bed. The next day she left for work and here I was thinking she would either call or call in as she passes my home to go to her own NOPE. Not even the next day did she call. Two days later she rang to say she would drive straight to work and be at my place after 10pm. Oh and by the way Are you better? Well obviously as she woke me up after a night shift. Now she has found that another place near her is more to her liking so after tomorrow I wont see her for dust. She has also said the they are leaving there next christmas, so its eat my dust so to speak. What gets me really riled is the last 15 years have been (Come to victoria nearer your family we miss you alot) and as soon as I do they ALL leave..   More to come another day as I get too uptight thinking about it all.


OK Now it is the next day and SHE arrived after a late shift last night at ten-fifteen pm. had a cuppa and went to bed. This morning I vaguely heard the front door close and she is gone. Last night she barely spoke and was very reluctant to talk about future meetings etc.  So as I said would happen I am now here in this godforsaken country town alone with no one other than my mum 5 and a half hours drive away who gives a s**t about me and she is in a nursing home and unwell.  Please dont say move closer because I have been within two miles of her for the past twenty years and its hard work.. So now I just wait until my mum passes and then I can go too. I will not have any one to upset when I go so why not. No friends No relatives that care for me or about me in any way so why NOT. I cannot believe SHE didnt even leave a note to say bye. Oh well I always knew I was not her favourite niece.


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