Our journey with hiv is filled with the unknown and a lifetime of evolving. Sometimes it is comforting to know that there is more that we can do about our health from the comfort of our homes, rather than the anxiousness of contacting and travelling to a dr's office.

After 15 years, i'm now a cancer and hiv survivor. I've learned some natural therapies along the way, that have provided me with a sense of greater empowerment over my health and an opportunity to experience what is known holistically as 'whole body' health utilization. Whole body treatment is the pracrtice of treating the body as a whole totreat an ailment, versus taking a treatment for an ailment singularly each time it arises.

If it is possible, it is most advisable for us to eat as organic as we can. Try to steer clear of gmo's(genetically modified organism). Get as much excercise as you can. Here are a few trusted applications i've found to work great and that don't interfere with most medications.

Ailment// Treatment(please research best authorized application)

1. Abscess(lesion) : turmeric root tea, henna paste

2. Achey body (neuropathy) : chamomile herb, cramp bark herb, damiana herb, hops herb

3. Anemia : dandelion herb, oatstraw herb, alfalfa herb

4. anxiety : kava kava herb, lemon balm herb, catnip herb, vervain herb

5. appetite stimulant : blessed thistle herb, saw palmetto herb, ginger herb

6. bone strength : horsetail herb, green tea

7. blood sugar stabilizer : cinnamon

8. candida : probiotics ( yogurt, kefir fluids, raw saurkraut)

9. cold / flu : Elderberry herb, lemon, Honey & cinnamon syrup

10. edema : dandelion herb, butchers broom herb

11. eye health : bilberry herb, fennel herb, eye bright herb, golden seal herb

12. fatigue : nettle leaf herb,astalagus herb, chlorela, alfalfa herb, slippery elm herb, ginseng

13. headache/ migraine: feverfew herb, rosemary herb, ginkgo biloba

14. heart health : hawthorn berry herb, cayenne, cod liver oil, fish oil

15. insomnia : valerian herb

Websites for nutritional health :






* none of these applications are meant to take the place of the advise of your physician. None of this information has been approved by the fda. Proceed at your own risk.





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