I did'nt plan to write this for everyone to see, but I am so tired of these con artists contacting me…and I dont want anyone else to fall for it,,,( course you may not be as naive and gullible as me) but just in case you are…Listen Up! I used to be on most of the HIV dating sites…3 or 4 of them and mostly they were allright…but almost a year ago I met this really great guy…he was just about everything i ever told God I wanted in a man…( I wont go into that list now…Im pretty sure that man does not exist) so I got very close to this man,,,we talked everyday and every nite,,,we called each other…I had pics of him and most of his family…I talked to them on line…and I fell in Love with him…I didnt talk to anyone else but a friend i had before I met him…so this goes on for a year…he had a job traveling doing consulting work…( Sure he did) lets just say he made me believe in him,,,and he was coming to America and we would be together…he lived in the UK…He was french…but now I believe he spoke many languages…so then comes the time, he has his paydays sent to me…I put them in the bank,,,and lets just say,,,they were forgeries…the police came and got me…I was grilled for 2 days…before they finally realized I was just a dumbass…that is what they called me…luckily they finally believed me…I wasnt real worried,,, I have plenty of character witnesses…my daughter in law was ready to fill the detectives office with…but the reallly sad part is I had fallen in Love with an imaginary person…try to get that into your head…all of it was a big lie…he was so good at what he did, he had an answer for everything…and me living in the sticks out here in AL well,,,Im not so city wise…Im ok…I always bouce back…there isnt much that can keep me down…but my point is…if you are on any of those sites,,,be careful…I have had 20 guys( or girls for all I know) write me in the last 2 weeks…only two were real dudes…the rest say they live in Florida USA or Houston USA…LMAO no one from the states says that…and if you read thier profiles…they dont even make sense…then what ever they write…well I can tell the way they write or say things that they have to be sitting in that room in Nigeria,,,that the police told me about…a room with a lot of pc's and a lot of con persons…i really wish it had been this easy for me to tell when I was being conned…oh well Live and Learn…lol I just want ya'll to please be aware…because it really sucks to find you've been in Love with someone who doesnt even exist…and even though I got on this site because I thought it was a dating site…I am so happy I did,,,for all the friends Ive made, and hope to meet some day,,,I have really been blessed…oh and PS if anyone from Nigeria is reading this…please dont be offended…it isnt personal…its just that there are some real creepy people out there…and I guess they think the HIV community is so hard up we'll fall for anything…but I wont fall for it again…and I am going to make sure no one else does too…Im not really so mad as I am upset at my own stupidity…and really as many as has written to me lately …well they insult my intelligence…  and to be honest I would feel a whole lot better if I could find the imaginary one I knew and KICK HIS FREAKIN ASS!!!!!!!!!!!anyway…Love & Light to ya'll…Love Ya…..Shadowstorm

  1. sweetsteph 13 years ago

    Yes i think weall go through this its really hard to trust anyone from those dating sites so i just stopped messing with it ,i'm just not desperate enough to get hurt again,sorry it happened to you but we are all nieve at one point in our lives

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  2. leese 13 years ago

    So sorry to hear this. It's a sick world.

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  3. prettybiggirl 13 years ago

    Hi Shadowstorm,  I too went threw this sort of thing. Fell for he guy  only to find out he wasnt real, they sure have a way of making you think  that they are for real…  Its crazy…  The last one  he made up to me for months and sent me 3 money orders to get him a condo for a month in Daytona as he said he was comming for the Christmas season, well  the money orders were from the US  this is didnt understand as they were US Postal Money orders,  ooh they sure looked real, but when I took them  to the post office and asked them if they were  real   ooh dam I almost went to jail as they were  fake,  WOw  I  got the third degree and well they  did understand  the Post office guy said they get tons of the fake MO  orders every week!   Gee  dont feel bad were all suckers  a time or tow in our lives…….. I  for one  will not  let myself get that close again unless Im with that person in  person!  Hugs Vickie

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