White – The international color of surrender. The suggestion with this key tag is to tape 50 cents on one side & a phone number of your sponsor, another recovering addict, or an NA hotline to the other side. If we want to use, use the 50 cents to call the number on the other side. If we use the 50 cents to call the Dope Man instead of the Hope Man, we can throw this key tag in the gutter & our ass will soon follow. Another suggestion is, if you want to use, put this keytag in your mouth and when it dissolves you can use! This key tag is for anyone at their first NA meeting, back after a relapse, or just want to surrender to their disease today. Does anyone want to give up their old ways for a new way? Welcome! You are the most important person here!

Orange – Orange we glad we found NA? The color of caution, we should be cautious at 30 days. Avoid old playmates, playgrounds, & playthings. 30 days.

How do we get it? We keep coming back!

Green – Clean & Serene. FROG = Fully Rely On God! The color of money. We aren't spending it on dope anymore. Green for GO! Go to a lot of meetings. The grass is greener on the NA side. Now we're mowing it instead of smoking it. 60 days.

How do we get it? We go to meetings!

Red – Stoplight, stop & look at your program. Thank God we're not dead. We should have RED our Basic Text by now. The color our eyes used to be when we got high, now they are red because we have feelings and we can cry today. 90 days. No slips, dips, or acid trips.

How do we get it? We get a sponsor!

Blue – 1/2 a cake! It's blue so we don't have to be. When we are blue, we can be like BB King, so you don't have to sing the blues to see blue skies. The color of our Basic Text. Hopefully, we've seen one, opened one, better yet, read one by now. 6 months no blunts.

How do we get it? We read the Basic Text!

Yellow, my name is ____, I am an addict. It represents the sun. We can see it when we get up in the morning, instead of coming in after a night of using. There is nothing yellow about being in recovery. We're also pregnant with the program at 9 months.

How do we get it? We don't pick up!

Glow in the Dark – So we don't have to. They also say we have an inner glow at this time. Hopefully, we have a sponsor and a home group by now. A home group is where people call us on our sh*t. And where they buy us a cake on our 1 year or more clean date. Still here, no beer, pee clear, head clear, full of cheer, see the deer, 1 year.

How do we get it? We work the Steps!

Gray Battleship gray, the war is over, we never have to use again.The color of the duct tape we'll need to use to duct tape our Basic Text back together. The only one with silver writing. It represents that behind every gray cloud is a silver lining. 18 months.

How do we get it? We do service work!

Black – Keep coming back! Black is the absence of all colors, just like the absence of drugs in our lives. Black is the void, that little chunk of HP that we carry around with us that got us this far! If We keep coming back We'll all have multiples. We've been in the dark long enough. Gold on black because we kept coming back or black on gold because we did what we were told. The color of coal. When coal is compressed it turns into a diamond, and We are all diamonds in the rough. 2 or more years.

How do We get it? We do all of the above!

Welcome to the ones that received white key tags. You're the most important person here because we can only keep what we have by giving it away.

Congratulations to all those that received keytags! Those that didn't don't mean there isn't clean time just in between time. If we keep coming back, I'll see you get yours and you'll see me get mine.

Let's hear it for Just For Today!


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