Things are changing. I don't know what exactly, or how or why…but they are changing nonetheless. Maybe it's because of the med increase the doctor started me on this week. I feel better because I don't bottom out before my next dosage. It keeps me more even all day until it's time to go to bed. Maybe it's the fact that I'm starting to get more hours at work and I feel more stable. I don't know, but life feels like it's coming together more now.

I just got back from my first workout with my husband and son. They got to go on Monday but I was working so I couldn't. Man, I am definitely out of shape! But you know, after the 1st half mile the endorphins in my body kicked in and it felt GOOD. I did a mile and a half, my husband did almost 2 miles. Zach rode his bike about 2 and a half miles. Then he played on the playground afterwards while we cooled off. It was funny ~ he freaked himself out because he thought he'd found a giant orange and red spider on the path; and what we actually found was a land crab! It was cool, I haven't seen many of those since my childhood.

Since then we've been to Wal-Mart to buy some exercise clothing (chafing is no fun!) and now Aaron's cooking dinner and I'm about to make the salad. That's one of our other new changes ~ salad before every dinner, and at least 3-4 twelve ounce glasses of water a day. And even Zach's getting into it. We've removed most of the junk food available in the house and have fruit instead. I just hope we can stick with it.

Today was pretty much the same as every summer day is ~ go to the bank, go to the grocery store, eat lunch, take a nap, spend time together as a family, make dinner, relax, and then get ready for bed. On the whole it's been a decent day. 🙂

Nothing else new going on. I have to go make the salad now, the turkey burgers will be done soon…


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