Just got home from New Orleans. What a wild and crazy ride. We spent a night in Montgomery Alabama on the way, then 7 nights in New Orleans, a night in Mobile Al, because we were just too tired to drive any further, and then two nights in Charlotte NC for the Gay Pride. Lots of fun. I have often heard stories about New Orleans, and would be described by my friends as one of the most fun loving folks they know, however, no story can prepare you for that place. A regular Tuesday night there is out of control, I can't imagine what Mardi Gras would be like. We were on a budget, so ate at small, local eateries, the food was incredible, very reasonably priced, and the portions of food were MASSIVE. Daisy Duke's was down the block from our hotel, so we ate there often. Open 24 hours a day, the food was delicious, and they have $8 unlimited Bloody Mary's. All the clubs there have double's as singles, and most nights, except Friday and Saturday, they had 3 for 1 drinks. Highlights, a bar called Cafe Lafitte on Bourbon. Sounds silly, but everytime they play "Love is in the Air" they pass out PACKS of coctail napkins and at the beginning of the chorus, everyone in the bar throws them in the air. You can't see anything but white napkins raining down for about 5 minutes. Cooter Browns is a restaraunt/bar where we had the best sandwich I've ever had, a roast beef with cheese and brown gravy. We went there three times during the week. It was so nice to get away from the Dr. visits, social service visits, and just life in general for 12 days. Glad to be home. Thanks for all the suggestions that everyone gave. T PS, for the drinkers among us, they have in New Orleans a new flavored vodka called Bakon, and it's just about the best damn drink I've ever had in my life.


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