Today has been pretty good – the post I wrote about not cleaning a day, well I actually turned it into 2 or 3 days, I don't remember which. I think I've come up with a sort of plan. Clean every day for three days like normal, and then for three days after that, don't clean.

Sounds good, but the problem with it is that when I haven't cleaned for even just three days, when I clean it takes the whole day. So am I willing to sacrifice a whole day for cleaning? Not only is it tiring, but my schedule is not always free although I don't go out much. Still deciding. Although this is hard for me, after reading about others problems on this site I realize I don't have it all that bad. I'm praying for everyone on this site. So if anyone is reading this, know that I'm wishing the best for you [: Gah, OCD sucks.

But today has actually been good. I feel clean, the air feels clean, and most importantly my room feels clean. It's still annoying I have to sweep it everytime I leave it though. But I'm going to look past that and have fun. My sisters B-Day party is today – tons of little girls are gunna come over and it's gunna be loud but I know it'll be comforting. Reminding me of when I was little and OCD wasn't a problem, but boys and hair was [:

Ah I wish I had a boyfriend. But I know that I'm in no state to have one at the moment. I seriously want to marry Kim Hyun Joong ;] sexysexysexy.

But anyways – I hope everyone will be well. Thank you for the comments and the support. It helps so much knowing theres other people who are like me.

God bless [;


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