Yep she's baa-ack, abandon hope all ye who re-enter here! well it's been a mighty long time since I made an entry or even logged in with any regularity. Sooooo what's the 'waif been up to in the year or so since she set foot on t'tribelands??? well as any people unfortunate enough to have perused the last entry will know I had to redo the whole first year of uni' and was (I believe) being under the care of the local EDU, to cut an inordinately long story short, I'll give you an overview rather than the details, I did better at uni-even getting disabled student assistance, however just before I was due to take exams I fell off the bus broke my finger (darn these crumbly bones!!)and had to delay everything for months and susequently was informed that I need not turn up for the second year of classes (bastids!!!), that was also the year my lil' sis and her ********* (please add preferred expletive) boyf moved in stole my food, belongings and the room I was meant to be in, and I spend the year sharing my bed with one of said sisters dogs-literally the only space I had to call my own (until v recently) was half a single bed in which to work study sleep and relax…. Joy !!!!

I got hideously fat- this is apparently a sign of good health and that I am beating the ED- I hate it absolutely hate it but am (reluctantly) managing to maintain a weight that everyone but me appreciates! still I know I have to stay relatively healthy to look after my lovely guinea pigs (sad but true folks 'twas these lil piggies that kept me alive-after all who would feed them if I shuffled off this mortal coil?). I've managed to get out of the hellhole and into a place of my own – I love it it even has a garden! so in a nutshell I'm HUGE and hating it, in my own place (with the piggies) and loving it,  an once again planning to try and get this education thang going again- I have a tame psychotherapist who I dutifully visit every week (really don't see the point but there you go!) and am just staggering along trying to deal with all that life throws at us.

so far so dull but that gives y'all an idea of where I am at t'moment. I will (try) to keep you updated more frequently but for now from me and the 3 little (guinea) pigs. au revoir be good to each other. over an out!



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