I just had a rough weekend. Today my siblings were making fun of someone I look up to and I got sad. But right before that, yesterday, I was yelled at me by my teacher for doing the RIGHT choreography, I couldn’t go to skate city because of my broken finger, and I wasn’t able to walk home because my grandma is very scary and strict. Something that did happen that was scary on Friday though, I was held in a classroom against my will because three kids decided to vape outside the classroom, meaning, the security was holding our entire class hostage while they searched our bags for the vapes. I am not having the best weekend.

  1. moon-123-hated 1 year ago

    …sounds like hell.. but it gets better sooner than later.

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  2. piggy123 1 year ago

    I’m sorry, lets all hope the next weekend will be better!

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