I read a lot of books, but this one helped me quite a bit.  The first thing that really impressed me was the fact that the guy who wrote this has been working with panic and anxiety sufferers for 30 years.  At one point he said, panic attacks have never killed anyone.  I was shocked, ya know, cause you slowly start to realize, panic attacks are just a trick your mind is playing on your body. 

The guy shows you how to allow yourself to have a panic attack and to track each symptom as it happens, and surprisingly, it happens almost exactly the same for everyone.  After you learn to get through the attacks, they aren\'t so scary anymore, and they progressively begin to fade, even in public. 

I was at a point where I couldn\'t leave the house without being heavily medicated, but now I start to panic and say, "OK, I am going to go ahead and have a panic attack here.  Hot flashes  coming on, OK time to start my breathing technique,  next I notice my arms are tingly, that lasts for about 5 to 10 minutes…" and so on.  I\'ll tell you what, there have been times recently that I have started to panic and said, OK I am having a panic attack now, and it just stopped. 

I\'ve stopped giving so much power to the panic trick my mind is trying to play and I\'ll tell you what, I\'m not perfect, but I\'m livin again. 

  1. sleepygirl 10 years ago

    Thanks so much lola, you rock!!

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  2. sleepygirl 10 years ago

    Hi FLORIDA! Yeah, finally a book in plain english is soooo right! And I think that is the real turning point for me, the fact that our disorder truly is irrational, and no one ever died from panic.

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  3. marie_79 10 years ago

    Thank you so much for this posting!! I think it was meant for me to read tonight!!

    I get a lot of anxiety when I am home alone, which I am right now and I am having waves of anxiety! Reading this reminded me that it\'s ok to feel this and I just have to get through it.. because I can!!

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