I have been away for a while working on myself. Getting this depression things been a struggle and a journey but I feel like I finally seeing the light at the end of a very long tunnel. I believe that God may be put this in my life not because I was being punish is because I am bold enough to say I have dealt with depression. that there were any many dark days and there even was a time whenI thought my darkenss would take over but I never up. My faith and belief is very much stronger than my darkness. The only to cast out darkeness is to shine a light on it. With all this being side. L is the word for love. Love has been on my tongue for the a year or so. The Love of my faith, my God, my Rock and my Strength. The countless and endless unwavering love that He has shown me. He loved my through my darkness. Through my painand hopelessness. Throughthe dark times and lonely night. All the tears and fears. So love is my word. Apart of my depression was suffering from lost. The lost of my grandmother and what I called my support system in my ex. I know that when you going through your worst moments you must be very carefully who you let be around you because sometimes other people darkeness will become on your own. I never understood why someonewouldpush you down insteadof buidling you up,when your are already low. Love was not the word is my last relationship. Pain and sorrow was. Two very unhealtly combination when your are in a depressing state of mind. But then someone wonderful came along and shine light upon my dark heart. The heart that was hardenand shattered into many many piece. Love became and remains my words in my mind, heart, mouth and spirit. Love is becoming my favorite song. The smile that remains on my face. And the breath and gives my lungs air. Love knowing that I am not alone in my find. That God will always stand besides me, He will forever be the one that loves me the most. Love will be the person he sent. That He created just to me because he loved me that much. Love is my word.

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  1. Wheredidmyhappygo 6 years ago

    Amen! I'm glad you are seeing a purpose for your past darkness. That's a beautiful thing

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