There are so many things going on right now. Starting from the frst problem that is the lack of money. So many things that need to be paid, rent, health insurance, the dentist(oh man dentists are expensive) and the college fee, leaving food aside because i will manage somehow without eating properly. Today i had trouble breathing and i am literally shaking from the anxiety I am really flipping and i am trying my best to stay calm, the only thing i can turn to is music.

Tomorrow i have a job interview and right now i am so stressed about it because i really need a job so i hope that i can get some sleep and i hope that i don't mess it up.

On the bright side i have found another job that is perfect for me,i will shortly send this other application. Since i love to compose music, write and edit videos i am applying for a position as a Video Editor and Media Designer. If by any chance i would get that job as well i would be the happiest man on earth. I can't express how much it would mean to me to get that job.

Another good thing that i have going on is that tomorrow i will be performing at a small party with a local band, we do some acoustic music and when i sing i completly forget any worry so at least i have that to look forward to.

For those of you who would like to listen to something of mine this is a song i wrote 1 year ago, sadly i never finished it but it is better than nothing =)



Put my soul in a cage
let it alone for it to face
the fire and the flames of hate

burn, let it burn
who knows maybe I'll learn
how to be cold and happy

Fists hit the ground
tears keep going down
down and down , i like the sound
i see a face that appears
with those eyes full of fear
in this mirror ,i see clear


Run baby run,
I know you can hear the sound,
if love is a weapon,
your smile is a gun

Fight little fight,
Hope is light
Hidden behind
the tears of time


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