Well, my "new" manager is in place now. She started Monday. It was definately not the best Monday to start, though.

First, our phone lines were messed up. All outgoing lines were busy, but no one was on them. While all our voicemail lines were busy, and (again) no one was on them. There were 10 messages on my phone (the main line for my department) that were not accessable in time for the day's process (newspaper).

On top of that, the previous manager was supposed to give all of the delivery drivers and carriers a pay increase, but we find out she accidentally gave them all a pay decrease.

This "new" manager also got a ticket on her car because she forgot her parking pass.

Lastly, we had a new carrier who was supposed to start two routes that day, but called mid-afternoon stating she couldn't do the routes (her son was in the hospital).

That day I came home to more harassing mail from my student loans (who still won't accept their own paperwork, even when I ask for new paperwork, the new stuff is rejected).

So, fine, Tues should be better, right? Nope. Nope nope nope.

Tuesday, the same two routes were missing from both the print count and the bundles. So I had to scrounge up 50 papers for the new carrier (not the same new carrier as that one was let go).

But there's more!

I also get informed that my new manager is having me do a late shift on Tues and Thurs evenings and I will be covering the District Manager's work (without their level of pay). WHich means: If a route goes down, I run it. If there are other evening problems, I run them too. My "new" manager wants everyone in the department to be able to do everyone's work. I honestly don't appreciate this as we're all getting paid a different amount because we do different work. If we're all doing the same work, we should all get paid the same at least!!

Even worse that she'll likely permanently make me late shift. Her reasoning is that I live closer to the office, and therefore it's safer for me to drive home in winter at that late hour than it is for either of the DM's.

I sure as hell hope she doesn't try to make me move machines. I have scoliosis. I will NOT move heavy vending machines!

So that day I came home, and my WoW guild was giving me a guilt trip for doing what I HAD to do: I demoted all officers back down to member rank, until they contact me to get their spot back…. and they will have to earn it. We'd had a lot of slackers lately, and with the guild being quiet, even the good officers stopped trying. Since I want all of the new officers to work hard at running things, this is why I want them to re-earn their position… because everything they do to re-earn it will be the same stuff they do to keep the rank.

Also, I'd joined a raid team that's a little more "hard core" than the casual "for giggles" team that I had. I'm not sure if I'll stick with it, as it's supposed to be a game… for fun… and while I do give a lot of effort, sometimes I can't always show up.

So, now here I am, day three of the new management, and all I can think of is that I need OUT. I'm doing someone else's work ontop of mine, and none of the pay to go with it, and my job is being altered just because of where I live compared to others.

I wish my RP friends were back… at least I'd have something to do to take my mind off from things. I'd read a book, but I haven't had a new one in years (the local library requires membership, and membership is not free). As it is, I come home… I want to cry (sometimes I do) and I end up piddlign away a hlf hour of time, then try to nap on the couch… make & eat dinner… then jsut waste my time again as I don't really feel like anything.


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