I can\’t help it, my pagan self keeps overruling my Christian self. I thought I had a pretty good Christopagan syncretism going on, but I\’ve just noticed that the paganism has a slight edge. I still pray to the Lord Jesus, and I pray to His Mother in the mornings, I have a little shrine to the divine feminine, with a little goddess statue and a painting of Mother Mary. And I don\’t feel like listening to anything but ambient sounds. I have listened to the jazz station way too much, it was overkill, and besides, my favorite DJ is not on today. What this has to do with Christopaganism I don\’t know, I guess I\’m writing in stream of consciousness. I\’m feeling a tad bit under the weather today, I\’m still in my pajamas and it\’s 11:00. I\’ve had ginger-echinacea tea, and now I\’m having a Throat Coat.

We are in the phase of the Last Quarter Moon, during which time no spellwork is recommended. It is a time of rest before the Dark Moon. So even though it is Thursday, a day for money drawing, I\’m not doing any spellwork, just lit a patchouli incense for wealth and abundance. I wish my shrine were bigger, I have some ideas for how to decorate it, but it just doesn\’t have room. I\’ve barely got space to hold my incense holder, alongside my little goddess and whatever oracle cards and crystals I have out.

By the way, I\’ve really started to get into crystals. My favorite is smoky quartz, I don\’t particularly know why, it\’s just a stone that really resonates with me. Oh dear, I forgot the laundry. Be back. Ok, I\’ve brought the laundry in, but I don\’t feel like putting it away just yet. I don\’t want to get up, I feel awful. It\’s getting warm in here, but I don\’t want to get up to open the windows. So yes, my smoky quartz is my crystal for sure. I am going to try to nap, and I have placed my smoky quartz next to my bed.

It was so nice to see the moon this morning, it was directly overhead at around 6:50. It won\’t set today until 2:30pm. Tonight the moon won\’t rise until after midnight. Ok, time for a nap. Good night.


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