How is everyone doing this evening?

What was the best part of your day?

What was not your favorite part of your day?

If you live in a area with seasons, do you like Fall?

What is your favorite season?

Where would you like to live if you could live anywhere?

Do you like your home?

What would you change about it if anything was possible the money was no object?

If you could change your life in anyway with no limits right now with no effort, what would you change?

What would you keep the same in your life?

Today, I worked on achieving goals and did well.  I invested 6 hours! It is amazing all that was accomplished!

Yesterday, I made cupcakes for others to enjoy.  They made the house smell nice while they were baking.  I made chocolate cupcakes with vanilla frosting and yellow cake with lemon frosting.  I have no desire to eat them myself.

The marigolds that I grew from seed are thriving even in the cold weather! Now, they are on the front porch with the pumpkins / fall decorations since they go with the Fall theme since they are orange and less “fussy” than Mum flowers! Mum flowers seem to demand the same attention as Ferns! I just don’t understand how stores sell so many Mums!

Ferns are beautiful and elegant! They are worth it! Mums are just retails “fall flower.”

My indoor plants are doing well.  The Peace Lilly plants are huge and green with no signs of yellow or disease!

The new additions, the two spider plants, like their spot by the window with indirect sunlight.

Three of the Potho plants are hanging in the kitchen window, and are thriving! The forth one though isn’t getting “leggy” because the angle of the sun that comes in by it’s window on it’s plant shelf in a different room.

I have two cactus plants that are doing okay as long as ignore them unless they start getting a little dry.

The huge Fern plant was brought in and it is doing well by the front door.  It is lovely there and seems to like the indirect light and being by a heating vent.

The Teddy Bear vine plant (in the living room)  is unique.  It is fuzzy and purple on the bottom of the leaves and it isn’t a plant that you see often! I feel fortunate to own it.

The rest of the plants are healthy but I don’t know all of their names I confess! (I have many plants but not a “extreme” number.) I have many tropical type, unique plants and plant starts.

It is a lovely sound when the water hits the soil of a plant that needs a drink and it is almost a “hiss” and then the darkened soil and plant have what they need to thrive and provide healthier breathing air and provide the beauty that only nature can deliver indoors!

My plants have names that are positive mood inspiring! Here are some of their names: Hope, Love, Content, Thrive, Inspiration, The Triplets (Potho plants in kitchen window) etc.

Anyone want to help name my 3 Beta fish? Right now, one is named Living Room Fish, the other is Bathroom Fish, and the other is She Room Fish.  I could do better on their “names.”

I hope that everyone is safe, feels healthy and hopeful and excited for tomorrow! Today has come to a end and I hope your pillow feels perfect under your head and that your blanket feels soothing.  May your dreams be sweet and reassuring.

Who knows what the new day may bring for all of us! It could be a life changer day! We will find out!











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