I've actually been feeling a little better than I have over the past few weeks. It's probably because it's the weekend because school is the absolute worst place for me to be. It's a long bank holiday monday aswell! Hurrah! That makes it all the better. Yesterday I went shopping with two of my friends from work. It was the first time we had met up outside work and it was really fun! They are both so lovely and fun to be around. However, I get scared they will start to get to know me too much.. (and what it seems everyone else does) .. and get bored of me. I get scared they will start to become closer as a pair and leave me out.. so i'm trying not to meet up with them too much in case of that. It was a really good day though. Bought some new clothes ( which always makes any girl feel better) and ate out at Frankies and Bennies which is my FAVOURITE restaurant at the monent. The food is to die for. Later today I'm also going to a family friends BBQ. I'm a bit nervous about this aswell because me and the girl the same age as me used to be best friends. I never really felt she was all that comfortable or that she loved me as much as I loved her (as a friend) and now as I'm at school and she's gone to college we don't talk as much at all. It always seems me making the effort to talk to her our invite her out and her and a friend she met through me have gone off and become really close. That hurts quite a bit. They have left me out even though they both knew me first. I guess they are both quite similar, but I still can't help but think it must be to do with me. Ah well… i guess everyone moves on, but when someone's been a big part of your life since you can't even remember, it's hard to let them go, even when it seems they did a long time ago.


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